Searching for Lincoln's Ghost -
Searching for Lincoln's Ghost is Barbara J. Dzikowski's debut novel. Counseling for twenty years inspired her to create fiction that  examines the depth of the human heart and its complex, breathtaking search for love and meaning.


The Trudeau family has secrets, dark secrets, and lots of them, and Noël Trudeau, their only daughter, knows them all, beginning with that summer night in 1953 when her family flees their Louisiana home following the heinous murder of the town's pastor.

Ten years later, as the country is reeling over the assassination of President Kennedy, Noël discovers she's pregnant at seventeen, and her beloved auntie has mysteriously put a bullet through her own brain. In this crucible of tragedy and flux, she escapes to Langston, Indiana, a Midwestern steel town, finding refuge in an apartment one flight over an elderly black couple who take her and her young son under their wing. Meanwhile, the nation is in growing flux too, divided over race, equality, politics, and Vietnam. Young people in droves are seeking a newer world that champions utopian ideals—love over hate, peace over war—and the status quo is rocked to its core. 

A chance encounter introduces Noël to melancholy artist and kindred spirit, Ricky Ziemny, the younger son of a tradition-based, Catholic family living in the cloistered Polish sector of Langston, who falls in love with her. Desperate to keep her haunted past and family secrets hidden from him, she's confronted by—-and irresistibly drawn to—Leon Ziemny, Ricky’s dashing older brother, while her own shattered brother returns home from Vietnam. As the country is coming apart at the seams, Noël finds herself ensnared in a domino chain of desire, conflict, and clashing values that leaves both families in tatters,  forcing them to seek the truth about what love and peace really mean. 

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