Searching for Lincoln's Ghost



Called "poignant and engrossing" by Kirkus, Searching for Lincoln's Ghost is a story about coming of age in the 1960s ,the power of love and empathy, and how the actions of one person can profoundly impact another's life. 

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Andi Powell thinks about death far too often for an eleven-year-old. After losing both parents in a car accident and being raised by a grandmother obsessed with death, Andi is struggling with an unusual quest for a girl her ageto determine whether there is life after death.


It is 1966, and Castalia, Indiana, like most cities at that time, is grappling with social and cultural change. Meanwhile, rumors have long swirled around Castalia's Lincoln Elementary School. Over its long history, the school has produced two sixth graders who claim to have seen Lincoln's ghost in its auditorium. When Andi prays on her mother's rosary to be the next to encounter Lincoln's ghost in order to confirm the existence of an afterlife, a complex chain of events is set into motion, including the sudden appearance of John Malone, a new boy at school who harbors an explosive secret, and mysterious moaning coming from behind the dark stage after school. While Andi desperately seeks answers to life's most difficult questions, an unlikely new friend emergesa mystical bait shop owner named Ezra.


Peppered with Lincoln folklore, SEARCHING FOR LINCOLN'S GHOST is a timeless tale about coming of age during changing times and how one person's actions can profoundly impact another's life.